The Barbie Look

what is melanotan 2

The Barbie Drug
Melanotan 2 aka the Barbie drug. What is this drug? Can it really make you look like Barbie? Why doesn’t everyone use it?

Well, the drug in question is Melanotan II or MT2 for short. This drug was nicknamed the Barbie drug after being developed in Arizona in 1994. You see MT2 acts as a tanning agent. It was actually synthesised to prevent skin cancer by helping the skin build up a natural immunity to sunlight. So MT2 basically “aggravates” your skin’s allergic reaction and helps your body build a natural defence against cancer causing UV rays by darkening the skin by releasing more melanin when your skin is exposed to sunlight.
The benefits you get from taking MT2 may far outweigh the few side effects. It wasn’t nicknamed the Barbie drug for nothing. Bodybuilders like using it, not only for its tanning qualities, but also because it helps cells to store energy more readily. This, in turn, also combats diabetes as it increases insulin sensitivity. Furthermore it is also a slight appetite suppressant, which means it can help with weight loss or maintenance.

(Article taken from research peptides)