Do NOT use while pregnant or breast feeding. Not enough is known about the use of melanotan-II during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.
Avoid use if you have melanocytic naevi (skin moles).

How Long Before Results Are Seen?

There’s no fix time to see the outcomes. The vast majority of individuals get fabulous results after taking about 20mg of Melanotan 2 while some see improvements only after about 6mg or more. On the average, one will only need between 7 to 10 days to show results after starting Melanotan.
Effect also depends largely on the type of skin (please see the Fitzpatrick scale in our FAQ). For a light-skinned user, it takes more time. Also exposure to UV determines how fast or otherwise.

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Which is better: Injections or Nasal?

Injection is the most effective way to administrate the peptide and results are seen the fastest and best. The nasal spray method is effective up to 30 – 40% because the nasal passages have poor absorption rate, you have to apply the nasal spray at least two to three times more than the injection. The injectable product of the Melanotan is very superior as compared to the nasal version. The nasal versions generally take four to five weeks for displaying the results appose to 10 days with the injection.

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I have fair skin/red hair will I still get a tan using Melanotan?

YES without a doubt. Below is a diagram of the Fitzpatrick scale which identifies skin types by their tone/colour. Type 1 and 2 is the most sun sensitive skin type and will have a hard time developing a tan.

Fitzpatrick skin tone chart
Fitzpatrick skin tone scale

Melanotan 2 will significantly speed up pigmentation process thus preventing skin burning, this does not mean if you have taken melanotan you are automatically protected from burning, however it does mean that that those with fairer skin will take a longer loading phase for the melanotan to work giving the skin a tan and  protection from the sun.
Generally less number you are in Fitzpatrick scale, more time and melanotan it will take to achieve deep tan, but once you have it maintaining your new skin color is easy regardless of skin type.

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Do you do discount for bulk orders?

Yes. If anyone would like to purchase larger quantities will provide a very generous discount, also if anybody would like to become a reseller just contact us we will help you with personalized images for your site.

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I did not receive an order conformation email.

Please check your spam folder. If it has still not arrived within 24 hours. Please contact us.

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I am having trouble with your site.

If you have any issues with our site we would be grateful to hear from you, please use the contact us form.

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Do you have a mailing list, where can I find out about your special offers?

No, as to date we do not keep a mailing list. However you can be the first to learn about our special offers via our social media links located at the footer (bottom) of this site.

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Customs has seized my parcel.

To the best of our knowledge melanotan II is an uncontrolled and unregulated substance in the UK and most countries. Hence, it is legal to purchase, possess and use melanotan II provided that it is for personal use. It is your responsibility to check the legal status of melanotan 2 in your country. Any countries where melanotan 2 is illegal shall be removed from our mailing.
However we do accept some responsibility for posting. Please keep your confiscation order from customs and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

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My parcel has not arrived.

You will need to contact us within 2 weeks of your purchase. We shall investigate and take the appropriate action to resolve the issue.

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How long should my parcel take to arrive?

Please read our shipping section.

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I have a skin condition, can melanotan 2 help me?

Yes, Melanotan II seems to help people mask some skin conditions. There is some info of people with Rosacea, Psoriasis and Vitiligo improving or totally masking their condition with help of Melanotan II.

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I have not used melanotan II before; I am unsure and a bit nervous of how to use it.

This is quite understandable, a lot of people feel nervous about using melanotan for the first time. Please read our user guide you can also search YouTube for videos on how to use melanotan. If you are still uncomfortable you can use the reconstituted solution in a nasal spray.

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How safe is your site?

Our site is SSL certified, if you check your web browser address bar is should say “secure”. Also all our card payments are done by a third party highly trusted and PCI complaint payment gateway, we DO NOT have access to your card details.

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If you have any questions please use the contact us form or email admin@mellowtan.com